Providers of Russian Arctic and Russian Onshore Gravity
and Magnetic Reports and Products

  Aeromagnetic Products

Arctic Shelf and Land Areas

Over the last ~50 years aeromagnetic surveys have been systematically undertaken over the complete Russian Arctic shelf and land areas of Russia (and neighbouring states) at resolutions suitable for quantitative oil exploration studies. In 2015 GeoDiscovery (UK) Ltd became the main provider
of such products for licensing to oil companies to help in their exploration programs in Russia.

Catalogue of aeromagnetic surveys available.
Gravity Products

Arctic Ocean

GeoDiscovery has linked with Nordic Geoscience Pty. Ltd to market the high resolution Arctic satellite gravity products with a particular focus on the Russian Arctic continental margin to complement its aeromagnetic products. This is done by providing a set of high resolution derivative products covering the five major basins.

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